A bunch of Oha leaves. Achi soup is a simple thick soup cooked with a thickener known as achi; it is one of the easiest soups in Nigeria just like Oha soup and Egusi soup. Furthermore, you can decide not to use any other vegetable but uziza leave. Oha Soup, popularly referred to as Ofe Oha by the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria is an absolutely delicious traditional soup recipe. In my recipe, I used achi because I could not get […] It serves a s a good replacement to cocoyam. NIGERIAN OHA SOUP AND HOW TO PREPARE IT Thank u4 putting dis special soup up here. Connect with us. This thickener could be traditionally . Add the blended/ pounded cocoyam paste or achi (before you add achi to your soup, make sure you dissolve it in a little water, if not your soup will cake up). 3 Cocoyam pieces. 1 Like 1 Share; Re: How Can I Prepare Oha Soup. 1 medium sized Smoked fish. Oha leaves. If you don’t have cocoyam or do not want to make use of cocoyam, oat powder is a great alternative to use thicken the soup. Oha soup is very popular soup in the eastern part of Nigeria, so we’re going to be looking out how to cook oha soup with achi and how to cook oha soup with cocoyam. Add the pomegranate leaves (oha) and cook for about 5 minutes. See recipes for Oha Soup Recipe, Achi soup, Achi soup and fufu too. Cover the pan and cook over high heat until all the pieces of coconut have melted. The two basic ingredients in making oha soup are the oha leaves and cocoyam- ede ofe. You can use pounded yam to prepare this kind of soup. Assorted meat. Put the lid back on the pot and cook the soup over medium-high heat for 5 minutes to soften the leaves. I especially like dry fish in oha. Check out some of the tastiest varieties of oha soup. What Are The Ingridients by Onyinyechimara(f): 9:02pm On Jan 27, 2013; I have two questions 1) please can you / anybody take me through how to prepare ofe nsala/ white soup 2) please what's achi? The leaf is medicinal; it retains its greenish leaves throughout the year. Ora (Oha) Soup is special because the tender ora leaves used in preparing this soup recipe are seasonal unlike their bitterleaf counterpart which can be found all year round. Adjust the salt and serve the soup. Mrs Ekwueme, from Imo State, said Uziza is her best soup and that two big pots of Uziza do not last up to three hours before they are exhausted because of the high patronage. Non traditional ones like. Cover n cook for 2mins. There is nothing unique with the soup because the necessary soup texture can be made to go with other leaves, the only distinct nature of the soup is the leaves used. 2 wraps of Ogiri. You can add more water if you feel the soup is too thick. Achi soup … Uziza Egusi soup is just a twist on the regular egusi soup made with pumpkin leaves. Glory Ikeke. Hubby (half Ibo,half yoruba) said i nailed it,afta it went down wt yellow garri. Achi is used to thicken the oha soup. How To Cook Oha Soup. Achi Soup With Oha Leaves – Photo Source: https://www.pulse.ng Most importantly as i always advice, you should make sure you thoroughly wash and clean any meat or fish you decide to use, and make sure also you cook it very well for a longer time for in the case of meat, while in the case of fish , you should just make sure it is well processed before use. When you have a sizeable volume of stock that you think will cook the soup, add the blended tatashe and ata rodo. Uziza leaves for extra flavour – a few leaves or grind a couple of uziza seeds. Tnx for the compliment dear. This soup is prepared by most tribes in Nigeria in many different ways. Coco yam (boiled and pounded or processed in the food processor then added to the soup.) #grinningexcitedly#. Yur oha soup is ready. Dooney dearie, u r simply God-sent! 8 small corms of cocoyam (achi or ofor) for thickening. How To. Salt. 5. in order to cook a tantalizing pot of Oha soup, you’ll need to 1. Season and boil your meats with the stockfish until tender. Oha soup is made in a similar way to ofe onugbu in that it is made with a thickener. I'm an ora soup lover too. I've been cooking the soup for years now, so I'm kinda a pro in that aspect but I'd check out your blog for other foods. Is that the … This West African dish made with a local melon seed (Egusi) and leafy green vegetables. I used only achi to thicken to soup my mum love to use cocoyam to thicken it the grandma style. There is also Afia Efere, another kind of white soup usually preferred by the Efik people. 2 pieces of habanero pepper. It is often referred to as Ora. 2 handfuls of Oha leaves. Oha Soup and Pregnancy. Oha soup is one of the most delicious soup that is popularly made and eaten by the people of igbo( eastern Nigerians), made with leaves of a tree called oha leaves. Oha Soup is traditionally thickened with cocoyam paste (ede ofe), though Achi /Egusi or Ofor can also be used. After that, peel off the outer back and pound. Wash the cocoa yam twice with clean water, then boil. How to prepare oha soup with achi. Due to the nature of the soup, it is usually thickened with any of the following; Achi, Ofor, cocoyam paste, or Egusi. 74 homemade recipes for achi soup from the biggest global cooking community! Traditionally, people cook this soup with catfish. Even more, you can combine oha leaves and fluted pumpkin leave (ugu) to make this soup. Oha soup isn’t exactly a go-to kind of soup because the main ingredient, Oha leaves, is a seasonal one. 1. Uziza Soup. OR; Ground ofo; OR. Now that you know the ingredients and how to cook oha soup, you can spice up the original recipe by adding other popular ingredients of Nigerian cuisine. Uziza Egusi soup stands out well as the Uziza leaves (piper … Not only dt, I also made Oha soup n Ayamase stew….for d 1st time! It is known as Miyan Gushi in Hausa, Ofe Egusi in Igbo and Efo Elegusi in Yoruba. In order to prepare Oha soup with achi, first of all we need to simmer the water and then cook the shaki (cow tripe) and fish until it becomes soft in the deep pan. OR; Ground Achi. How to Cook Ora Soup [Video] So if you want to know how to prepare white soup, let’s start our overview. Ladle the soup into 4 serving bowls and serve it with cassava fufu on the … Add the coconut paste in small pieces then the palm oil. Wow, your oha soup looks very delicious, wish I could take it out of the screen and eat it. Wash ur oha n uziza, cook for 1min now add salt to taste n cook for anoda 1min. uziza soup Note. Uziza leaves. Ora (Oha) soup is native to the South Eastern Nigeria. Note: It is important not to use a knife to shred the Ora leaves. How to Cook Oha Soup: The Ingredients . Ingredients for Oha Soup. Add the pepper, the Igbo ogre and the crab mince and cook for 10 minutes. Entertainment Train. Beef Stock. Hope u find something on the blog u like. 40mins Ingredients. Seasoning cube. Achi can be used in oha soup instead of cocoyam as a thickening agent. Remove the lid and stir in the pieces of oha leaves. it’s a delicious and mouth watering recipe. It is a very traditional soup similar to the bitterleaf soup but cooked with Ora leaves. 5. Achi Soup with Oha, prepared with achi thickener is a quick, easy and convenient way to prepare Nigerian soups that use cocoyam as thickener. Oha soup can be prepared with egusi, achi or cocoa yam as thickner. How to Prepare Achi Soup- Nigerian Dishes Achi soup is an easy Nigerian soup recipe that is commonly prepared with different vegetables; this can be served with eba or … Oha soup is a meal top-rated in the eastern parts of Nigeria. Taste the soup and add salt according to your taste. Bunch of uziza laves or seeds. oha leaf, Small size of uziza, tiny seed of uziza, Quaker oat (in place of cocoyam), Mr chef seasoning, Salt, Crayfish, Ginger and garlic Foodiescene/ Pat's Kitchen Goat offals pepper soup and white rice 100ml palm oil. History of Oha Soup. I jst reproduced ur version of ‘Ofe Uziza’ ds evni, tell u wot, sis! Add 2-3 broth cubes to the meat and cook for some 4-6 minutes. 1. Then Shred your Ora leaves and Utazi leaves into small bits, wash and set aside. People call it white soup because palm oil is not needed in the preparation. Stir in the oha leaves and cook the soup for 5 minutes. 1 medium sized Stock fish.