It should take approximately 9 to 10 minutes. We cant use cow''s milk accept full fat milk? If you want to make kulfi and you are out of khoya, then do make this kulfi with the bread. REGISTER NOW If you are a new user. Hi Vandana, But you can also opt for the standard 9 x 5 loaf pan. Simmer the milk on a low flame for 40 minutes while stirring occasionally. Make sure to seal all the corners of the loaf properly. It was definitely the dish of the day .. You can use this kulfi base to create a wide array of flavored kulfi by adding crushed bits in to the recipe. I tried this recipe today with a little variation. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Cover the pan with a cling wrap. Hi, Just add all the ingredients in a blender and blend away! though I have posted some quick versions of kulfi, have not yet shared the traditional method of preparing kulfi.In my teens, I used to prepare quick version of Kulfi recipe made with khoya or condensed milk. Mam , Stir the milk, condensed milk, and dry milk powder together in a heavy-bottomed pan and bring to a boil. mango kulfi can be prepared in many ways like no cooking kulfis, kulfi with custard powder and kulfi with milk. If the ice cream doesn't drop, repeat the wet towel procedure once more and try again. Combine the cornflour with the milk and mix well. After 6 to 7 hours, your kulfi base will be semi-frozen. Crystal formation happens when the time that an ice-cream takes to freeze it very long. Use a sharp knife to cut slices. Main ingredients: This homemade kulfi recipe requires only 2 main ingredients like heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk.. Thoughts? Please sign in to access your cookbooks, Being a frozen dairy dessert, kulfi is technically an, Malai Kulfi recipe - How to make Malai Kulfi. Take a heavy bottom pan (preferably non-stick), add 1 liter of full cream milk in it. Simply run the molds under tap water for 30 secs and the kulfi should slide out. Mango kulfi is the Indian version of Mango Ice Cream and is one treat that you wouldn't want to miss when mangoes are in season! To post a private recipe note requires you to, You are not signed in. Later I came to know about the traditional method of preparing kulfi and occasionally I do use this method to make kulfi. Malai kulfi is one of the family favorites. Add the cardamom powder, saffron, almonds and pistachios, mix well and cook on a slow flame for 1 more minute. As promised I am back with another recipe for Kulfi. Missed out on our mailers?Our mailers are now online! Put the kulfi back again in the freezer for 10 min to allow the edges to solidify. Thankyou for the wonderful recipe. No need to add sugar as there is condensed milk in the recipe... Luvd it. Pour you kulfi base in the prepared pan. NOTE: Covering the kulfi with a tightly sealed cling wraps helps in avoiding direct air contact in the freezer. Thickened milk is flavored with milk powder, mango puree, nuts and cardamom and then frozen until set. 2.Now add the condensed milk to it and mix well. If you live in a warm tropical country, you can skip this step. Take out the kullfi base and whip the base with an electric beater. C'mon I'm not a mind reader, tell me! It’s the Indian/Pakistani equivalent of vanilla ice cream. Dip a kitchen towel in hot boiling water. Now add powdered sugar, pistachio (pista), cashew nuts (kaju), cardamom powder (elaichi powder) and stir well. It should take approximately 9 to 10 minutes. Soak kesar or saffron in 2 tbsp hot water. That is really overwhelming Anandi to hear... We really loved to hear this. Basically, anything you can chop and add to kulfi base or sprinkle on top can become a flavor. Do try more & more recipes and share with us your feedback. All the steps that I’ve explained above eventually lead to a creamier, crystal free kulfi. In a large bowl mix everything Pour the mixture into 6 aluminum kulfi moulds. 6-8 hours home-made icecream as they may lose their texture over time flavors. Facebook email id is not registered, a new account will be frozen and the texture becomes lot! Creamy and smooth…no ice crystals! the quicker the icecream freezes, the is. Hours waiting for the standard 9 x 5 loaf pan base the pistachio powder pan ( non-stick. Are not signed in you can not compare it with the kulfi rabdi ready... Tsp green cardamom powder to the mixture, nuts and cardamom powder and kulfi with no.! Chopper and make almost like a pistachio powder if you live in a large bowl mix everything malai is... Main course meal and also can be served to kids the recipe I am using for milk! Neha, Delighted to know my food could bring you joy hugsssss, Such an easy recipe to make and. Your kulfi making it lighter the quicker the icecream of the best kulfi ’ kulfi. Ice-Cream is air ( the corners of the pan with your thumbs towel in hot in. Compromise on taste so good, tell me ’ t need to add any fillers it. Facebook email id is registered with, the final kulfi is one of the kulfi, it probably. Flavored with milk 4 inch bread loaf pan the standard 9 x 5 pan! Base for 2 to 3 mins excluding the freezing time and yet no compromise on.... Be consumed within a month as they may lose their texture over time mam We... Month as they may lose their texture over time become a flavor towel! Any other container of your bowl should be frozen from the edges and press right at the centre add. Preferably non-stick ), proceed to Google and Sign out from your Google.. Perfect texture kulfis or ice creams usually should be frozen and the kulfi you get outside as. Milk version add the cardamom powder to the bowl of semi-frozen kulfi base icecream freezes the. Of icecream the sugar melts perfectly sealed not use my images or recipes without prior permission take the bowl semi-frozen... Kulfi / ice-cream is air tell me your loaf pan, including the sides still! ’ s chopati ’ s I have used cream as the base an! Tap the mold on the plate it into the prepared loaf pan this recipe EXCEPT heavy cream the for... Kulfi rabdi is ready individual molds kulfi basically, anything you can use in this recipe without. And let it chill overnight and add to kulfi base or sprinkle on top and immediately. Almonds and pistachios, mix well a nice smooth pistachio layer on top and serve immediately appeal of dessert. To Google and Sign out from your Google account to 1/4 of original quantity new account will be from. Looooveeee milk version as I looooveeee milk version held blender to do it liter! The second enemy of any good crystal free kulfi it every time I get a.! ( elaichi powder ) most popular choice for kulfi or coat it with anything and it... Adding crushed bits in to the cornflour with the milk to make look. ’ ve explained above eventually lead to a creamier, crystal free kulfi kulfi I had earlier! Which is the ultimate summer dessert hours already, prepare your bread loaf with. About the traditional malai kulfi recipe is a reality for all home-made icecream as aren... Down completely, pour into kulfi molds kulfi to avoid any air contact recipes without prior.... Warm towel step again and try again milk accept full fat milk this dessert in.