"Little did I realize how this book would be like a daily Bible to me. I was literally reading a chapter ahead of the events as they unfolded in the next days. It was giving me answers to questions I had not yet asked, but found myself doing so in the days to follow." David Spaulding, family caregiver





“The most complete resource

between two covers..."

Woman's Day Magazine



Get answers to these tough questions:

I'm not getting any younger. How do I plan for my old age?

My parents don't listen and siblings won't help me. What can I do?

Where will the money come from to pay for long-term care?

What are my options when I can no longer drive?

I'm aging alone. Who will be my advocate when I need help?

How can I be in two places at once?

Do I really want a parent to move in with me?

Has a con artist visited my parent?



Book Reviews

"The book is the best we saw." American Medical Association


"The "Documents Locator" at the end - the whole list of legal, personal, medical documents you might need - is worth the price of admission alone." National Alliance for Caregiving


"When The Complete Eldercare Planner is in the hands of the employee, everyone benefits." Employee Management Services Association


"The book allows you to calmly and logically check out all of your options. It tells you in simple language just how you go about walking through this difficult mine field you've been thrust into without training or any real prior warning. It tells you how to do this without losing your mind, your family unity, and most of all your parents' dignity." David Spaulding, Family Member



"Joy offers realistic solutions to the eldercare crisis every American faces today." White House Conference on Aging


"I have seldom seen this much important information in one place on any topic. It is well organized and easy to understand." David Gobble, Ph.D


"The approachable format and built-in worksheets make The Complete Eldercare Planner an invaluable resource..." CareGuide.com


"...an all-in-one resource guide designed to help employees sanely and successfully manage the care of their elders."   HR Magazine


"All the issues are covered, all the emergencies, all the possible scenarios and all the questions you need to have answered are here. ...gives the caregiver a sense that she/he made order out of chaos." Children of Aging Parents


"No ordinary how-to book. ... useful for clinicians." American Counseling Association


"... will save time, energy, and money for those who

use it." Counsel For Jewish Elderly


"The Complete Eldercare Planner should be in every public library's collection." Midwest Book Review


"... an incredibly useful tool." Marc J. Lane, Elder Law Attorney


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Joy is pleased to announce

that she is in the process of writing her next book in partnership with

Da Capo Lifelong Books,

to be released 2017...

stay tuned for more details.






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