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Got Aging Parents? Helping Them May Include Selling Their House

Let’s say Mom and Dad have decided to move into a retirement community or move closer to you, and now they want you to handle the process of selling their home.

Where do you start? Worse yet, what if you don’t live anywhere near your parents? How do you accomplish this important task from long distance?

I was living far away when my mom called from Florida, informing me that her husband, Bill was not well and they were ready to move back home to Chicago. Mom was not up to managing the house sale and put me in charge of finding a real estate agent.

With no time to spare, the house had to sell fast so they could use the money to pay for Bill’s nursing care and other medical expenses. Long story short, the house sold in one week – thanks to hiring the right real estate agent.

If you have to help your elders find a real estate agent, start here:

  • Find a full-time real estate agent (no part-timers).
  • High sales ranking with proven sales records (you can find this information online).

Once you narrow down your search to the top three agents, conduct a Google background check and Yelp review on each of them. What do others say about them? Do they have an excellent reputation?

Next step is to call each of the agents and interview them over the phone. Did they call you back promptly? Did they listen as you spoke about your situation? Did you like what you heard? Did you like him or her?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” then give your elders the agents contact information and ask them to interview each of them over the phone as well.

If they have a “good feeling” about the agents, invite them to the house individually for in-person interviews. Make sure you and your elders are on the same page before choosing one realtor over the others.

The assistance of realtors does not have to end with managing the house sale. Ask them if they have resources to assist with the actual move like packing, disposing, and selling your elders’ belongings. A good real estate agent will have reliable resources for all move-related tasks.